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With all the press coverage of the summer games in Rio, it’s a  good time to clipOpening-Ceremony-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games some photos and turn them into a lesson plan for all levels.

There’s nothing like a good picture to stimulate conversation with students, help assess learning levels, practice vocabulary, discuss emotions and reinforce some grammar points.  For example, with a swimming event, you could ask:swimming What are they doing? Do you like to swim?  Where do you swim? Who do you think will win?  Why?

Or show pictures of several events and ask: What is your favorite? Why? Which do you think is the most difficult? Why?  Have you ever been in a sports contest?  racingTell us about it.


For general questions you could ask:

How do you think the person will feel if he/she wins a gold medal? Silver?  Bronze? Which do you prefer — the summer games or the winter games? Why? Describe what you feel it would be like if the Olympics were held in your city.medals

Remember, any good picture, Olympics or not, can be used for a lesson plan.  Just be sure it is an interesting subject and has some action that will trigger discussion.

Do you use pictures in your classes? What questions do you ask?  Please leave a comment and share your experience with your fellow tutors.



  1. Great idea!
    I will start saving pictures from the newspaper today. Thanks for the tip. I’m using it! 👍👏


  2. Good for practicing verbs.


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