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Improving listening skills


I heard about this special activity from Jeff Wallace, a tutor at the University Park Library center in Irvine. I haven’t used it yet, but it sounds like a good one, and I definitely plan to try it.

Jeff  said, “I recorded a 30-second weather forecast from 1070 KNX radio and played it for the group.  The students laughed (in a good way) as it was difficult to understand. I then gave them a transcription I’d typed up as well as a few questions to answer, and then played the forecast a couple more times. They were able to pick up more and more of the language…it was a new lesson idea, but I think I’m going to try it again.  The hardest part is trying to capture a weather report that has a minimal amount of slang/idioms/half-completed sentences…but that’s how we speak!”

Jeff said the group had fun with the activity, so he did it again with a different weather forecast.

Shared by Barbara Looney



2 thoughts on “Improving listening skills

  1. Great idea. You could also use snippets from a newscast. I always tell my students to watch the news but they tell me that the newscaster speak too fast for them to understand.


  2. Barbara, I love this idea. Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to try it. The 1070 KNX traffic reports could also be used. The reporter loves the expression, “jump on” (name of freeway or street). Good for students who are interested in slang.


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